RIFA-Lending Scheme For Women

RIFA Personal loan

RIFA is a term loan with the 12-24 months’ repayment is based on monthly installments and it is disbursed to women in form of personal and corporate loans.

Azizi Bank is the best option for the growth and development of women business and empowerment. RIFA is a product specially designed for progress of women entrepreneur of the country.

  • The loan amount is from AFN 50,000 to -----. (5 Months’ Salary)
  • The repayment schedule is one year to two years in equal monthly installment
  • The rate of interest on the loan is 5% annually
  • All women attaining 18 years of age can benefit from this facility
  • Women employees whose salaries are routed thorough Azizi Bank, can benefit from this facility
  • The scheme is used for personal needs, including health and education.

Collateral Requirements

  • Two individual guarantors whose salaries can cover at least 100% of the borrower’s salary
  • Equitable property mortgage

Required documents

  • MoU Between applicant employer and Azizi bank
  • Loan application
  • Letter from the employer confirming employment of the borrower


Contact our department for any help


+93 (0) 701 80 15 15 (International)
15 15 (Domestic)

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