Fixed Deposit

Earn competitively higher interest on your savings with flexibility, security and excellent returns with Azizi Bank Fixed Deposit Account. Save money for yours & family’s future requirements.

  • Is a form of deposit that Bank provide a higher interest rate of interest than a regular Savings Account, until the given maturity date
  • Fixed Deposit Account can be opened in AFN and USD only
  • Minimum period for Fixed Deposit is 3 months or 90 days
  • Maximum period for Fixed Deposit is 5 years or 60 months
  • Minimum amount is not less than AFN 10000 / USD 300
  • Individuals/ Firms/ Corporate / NGOs can open Fixed Deposit.

Azizi Bank offers two variants of Fixed Deposit Accounts for customer flexibility.


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+93 (0) 701 80 15 15 (International)
15 15 (Domestic)

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