Senior Citizen Savings Account

Senior Citizen Savings Account


  To provide dedicated and focused banking services to Senior citizens with a view to obtain higher deposit from retired government servants, businessmen and other individuals of age 50 or above. Generally, customers in this age bracket save their money for their financial stability and spending is less. Their funds which are accessible to them any time across the counter/Alternate channels.

Presenting the Azizi Bank Senior Citizen Savings Accounts for our customers aged 50 years and above with exclusive features and benefits.

·         Accounts can be opened by individuals having attained the age of 50 years or above. Age to be ascertained with proof mandatorily before the account is opened

 ·         Account can be opened in AFN and USD

·         Free monthly statement of account

·         Free account opening

·         Free Customer ID card

·         Balance Confirmation Certificate available at all the branches

·         No account maintenance fee

·         Free Internet Banking Facilities

·         Free Customer ID card

·         International Master Debit Card facility, issuing fees free for individual nominal annual charges of AFN 400/USD 5

·         24/7 ATM facility across Afghanistan is available for withdrawal.

·         Minimum balance requirement is AFN 10,000/USD 200

·         Non-maintenance of minimum balance penalty: AFN 300/USD 6

·         10 Free transactions in a month. AFN 50/USD1 to be charged in case of withdrawal transaction after 10 transactions

·         A/C Closing Charges Except in case of death): USD 10 or AFN 500.


Contact us to create bank account or other banking services


+93 (0) 701 80 15 15 (International)
15 15 (Domestic)

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