Current Corporate Account

Is a form of demand deposit whereupon withdrawals are allowed any number of times subject to the availability of adequate balance in the A/c. which are accessible to them any time across the counter/Alternate channels.


  • Firms/Corporates /Embassies etc. can open current accounts.
  • Account can be opened in AFN/ USD/ Euro and GBP
  • Joint venture account facility is available
  • Letter of indemnity facility is available.
  • Anywhere branch banking across all the branches of Azizi Bank
  • SMS Alert services for every transaction are available
  • Free Internet Banking Facilities
  • Free Account Opening
  • Free Customer ID card
  • Balance Confirmation Certificate available at all the branches.
  • Minimum Balance required for corporate accounts is AFN 10,000/USD 300/Euro 300/GBP 300
  • No limitation for deposit and withdrawal from account. (Subject to AML Documentation)
  • Current Accounts - Corporate maintenance fee 5 USD/250 AFN
  • SMS alert charges per month: 100AFN/USD
  • No charges for deposit/withdrawal
  • Checkbook facility is available at a nominal charge of AFN 500/USD 10 for a 25 leaf booklet.
  • 24/7 ATM facility across Afghanistan is available for withdrawal up to AFN 40,000/USD 2000 per day
  • International Master Debit Card facility, issuing fees 800 AFN/10 USD for corporate account with nominal annual charges 800 AFN/USD 10
  • Free Statement of Account once in a month
  • Duplicate statement for USD from 5 upto 10 and for AFN upto 250 for 10 pages
  • Checkbook facility is available at a nominal charge of AFN 500/USD 10 for a 25 leaf booklet
  • Customers have the facility to convert their existing corporate account into the Royal corporate account subject to the fulfilment of the requisite
  • International Master Debit Card will be given to only sole proprietors, corporate Account with mode of operations of OR/ANYONE
  • Interest Rate: Being a Current Account, no interest rate is applicable on this product.
  • A/C Closing Charges (within 3 months) Except in case of death): USD 10 or AFN 500. No Charges if closed after 3 months.


Contact our department for any help


+93 (0) 701 80 15 15 (International)
15 15 (Domestic)

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