What We Are

Azizi Bank has been recognized amongst the Top and Fastest Growing Banks by prestigious international media houses and Global Advisory Firms, and has received several international honors for across the globe. The bank caters to various business segments which includes Retail & Corporate Banking, Treasury, Payment & Settlement, Remittance services through Western Union and sustainable practices through Responsible banking vide its CSR initiatives.

Azizi Bank has adopted best international practices, the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence and offers comprehensive banking and financial solutions to all its valued customers

Our Banking is steadily evolving as the Professionals Bank of Afghanistan with the long term mission of Building the Finest Quality Bank of the World in Afghanistan by 2024.

Azizi Bank management is a young & highly qualified team aiming at transforming the banking scenario in the country into a truly professional and pleasurable experience to its customers. The Bank has a strong Corporate Governance structure comprising of the Management Board, Board of Supervisors and an Independent Audit, Risk & Compliance Committees which gives strength and confidence to all stakeholders including the public at large. There is a strong regulatory framework and compliance culture in the Bank, leading to a good corporate governance practice and a true professional environment.

The bank has sustained a very healthy Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 19.74% by year end 2019, which is an indicative factor of the inherent strength of the organization. It follows a secure and effective policy for growth with maximum returns and cost effectiveness and minimize the risks. It is a highly capitalized bank and offers to the depositors a sound & an effective banking option. The paid up capital of the bank with the Central Bank of Afghanistan is the highest amongst all the banks and which speaks of the banks solid foundation and a strong corporate governance policy.

The bank has engaged external consulting firms - Alvarez & Marshal, USA, Ernst & Young, UAE and IFC, UAE to assist on its strategic initiatives and assessment of mandatory Compliance & Corporate Governance requirements.

The bank currently maintains its correspondent banking relationships with banks in India, Turkey, Spain, UAE, Italy & Russia in INR, USD, EURO, GBP & AED.


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+93 (0) 701 80 15 15 (International)
15 15 (Domestic)

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