Current kids account

Account type
Transaction Charges

Below are the parameters and product features for Current KIDS product.

Current Kids accounts are for individuals desirous of having bank account to save their funds which are accessible to them any time across the counter/Alternate channels.

Under age of 18
Operations in the Account
Account to be operated by guardian till the minor attains the age of 18 years.
Afghani (AFN) and USD (only two currencies allowed)
ATM Card
Daily ATM withdrawal limit
AFN 2,500 (or eq)
Minimum Amount/Balance
AFN 500, USD/50
Maximum Amount/Balance
No limit
No fixed tenor. Payable on demand.
Standing Instructions required
Facility Available.
Standing Instructions Setup charges (one time)
For credit of Kids Account from parents/Guardian’s account Free
Account Opening Charges
Account Opening Charges Nil – Free
Monthly Maintenance
Nil – Free
Rate of Interest p.a
Account Closure charges
If closed within 3 months. AFN 500 and USD 10 (except in case of death it is NIL). After 3 months-NIL
Online Payment( Master Card )5000 AFN / Equivalent 
Non maintenance fee (Monthly)
AFN 100/ USD 2
Statement required
Statement Charges
Monthly once Free.
Duplicate statement charges
150 AFN up to 10 pages each or part thereof. 3 USD/EUR/GBP up to 10 pages each or part thereof
Duplicate ID Card charges
Cheque book
Not to be issued except special approval by COO.
Cheque book charges
Stop payments/return cheque books charges
Not applicable
SMS Alert Charges
Personal: Personal deposit for Child’s future
Eligible sectors
Only individuals
Acceptable KYC
  • AOF and CIF forms (CIF for Kid and Parent/Guardian separately) duly filled in
  • Copy of birth Certificate, Tazkira or Valid Passport for Afghans
  • Copy of Passport + Valid Visa and valid work permit for foreigners
  • Copy of Court letter confirming the custodian of the minor (in case the guardian is other than the father or mother)
  • Copy of Tazkira or valid passport of the Guardian
  • Copy of passport with valid visa of the guardian being a foreign national
  • In case of guardian income source being from business, copy of business license
  • In case of guardian income source being from rent of property, copy of Rent/Lease agreement
  • In case guardian salaried employee, copy of employment letter/Agreement
  • In case of guardian Income being from other sources any other valid supporting documents
  • TIN for Parent/Guardian
  • Copy of Proof of address
Every 12 months
BIS Registration
Mandatory (for both Kid and Parent/Guardian)
Internet Banking Registration
Customer ID card
Account Balance Certificate required
Account Balance Certificate
AFN 250 & USD 5
Interest Certificate required
Interest Certificate
BC issue against account required
BC issue against account
0.10% of face Value-Minimum AFN 600 & Maximum AFN 60,000. 0.10% of face Value-Minimum USD 10 & Maximum USD 1000.
Cancellation of BC
AFN 250 & USD 5
Attestation of Signatures/Issue of any other Certificate/letter AFN 100 & USD 2
AFN 100 & USD 2
Period 12 months
Dormancy Period
10 years
Special Instructions
Account shall be operated by parent/Guardian One CIF shall be created for Minor and another for Parent/Guardian. Both CIF will be linked to the Account.
Title of Account
‘’’XYZ u/g ABC’’ XYZ=KID ABC=Parent/GuardianFdupli


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+93 (0) 701 80 15 15 (International)
15 15 (Domestic)

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