Women’s Current Account

Azizi Bank has always innovated in various new products and services to bring world class banking to Afghanistan market. Catering to various segments of the market with niche products is a key to growth and customer penetration.

We are pleased to launch Women’s Current Account which is a dedicated product for the esteemed and honorable female community of Afghanistan. 

Adult Afghan females having valid KYC documents.
Type of Account 
Current Account 
Product Code
Age Group
Any female individual above 18 years of age.
Afghani (AFN) and USD
Acceptable KYC
  • AOF and CIF forms 
  • Copy of Tazkira/National ID or Valid Passport 
  • Recent photographs (taken within last six months)
  • Address proof (customer’s house electricity bill in name of self or /spouse father should be obtained
  • In-case of rented house copy of contract or inquiry letter in the name of self/father or spouse should be maintained with confirmation of Wakil Guzar.
  • TIN Number
ATM Cards Facility
  • Insta Card Free
  • Mastercard charges AFN 300 per annum. (discounted from 400 AFN)
Minimum Amount/Balance
AFN 500
Maximum Amount/Balance
No limit
Joint A/c Facility
Allowed only with another female.
No fixed tenor. Payable on demand.
Standing Instructions charges
Account Opening Charges
Monthly Maintenance Fee
Rate of Interest 
Account Closure charges
If closed within 3 months- AFN 200/USD 3
Non maintenance of Minimum Balance fee
AFN 100/USD1
Statement Charges
Monthly once Free. 
Duplicate statement charges
100 AFN/USD 1 flat
Duplicate ID Card charges
100 AFN/USD 1
Transaction Charges
Cheque book facility
Not Available
SMS Alert required
SMS Alert Charges
Inoperative Account
One year - Debit Freeze 
Dormant Account
10 Years – both side Freeze
1 Year – Debit Freeze Account
Closure of Zero Balance
Accounts having zero balance should be closed after 6 months by the Branch after giving 30 days’ notice to customers.
BIS Registration
Internet Banking Registration
Account Balance Certificate Fee
AFN 100/USD 1
BC issue against account Fee
0.10% of face value-Minimum AFN 200/USD 3
Cancellation  of BC Fee
AFN 100/USD 1
Other Discounts
For Master Debit Card holders as per attached excel sheet.
Azipay Mobile wallet service
Free registration
Attestation of Signatures/Issue of any other Certificate/letter Fee
AFN 100/USD 1

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