Our Customer Profile, Products & Services

Customers: Retail, Corporate, Institutions, Government, NGO’s & Embassies


  1. Savings & Current Account in USD, Afghani, Euro and GBP
  2. Royale Current Corporate Accounts
  3. Senior Citizen Savings Accounts
  4. Kids Savings Accounts
  5. Salary Accounts with Zero Balance Facility
  6. Master Card: Debit /Prepaid
  7. Domestic Debit - ATM Cards
  8. Student's Current Accounts
  9. Women's Current Accounts
  10. Senior Citizen Accounts     


  1. Currency Exchange Services Forex business
  2. Collection of Cheque, Instruments, Export/ import Bills
  3. Issuance of Pay order / Cash Order /Bankers Cheque
  4. Local and International remittance facilities through SWIFT
  5. Fund-based (Term/Working Capital Loans) and Non-fund based facilities e.g. Letters of Credit and Financial/Performance Guarantees for Trade and Industry
  6. Fast and Easy transfer of funds through Western Union Money Transfer & Ria Services
  7. Special Remittance facility to remit in Indian Rupees to any Bank A/C in India
  8. Internet Banking
  9. Mobile/SMS Banking
  10. Payment Gateway Solutions
  11. AZIPAY - Mobile Wallet
  12. Branchless/ Mobile Banking Initiative in Remote Areas of the Country
  13. Push SMS Facility: alert for each transaction
  14. ATM Services, Do's and Don'ts
  15. PoS device


Digitalization Phase

Azizi Bank has invested comprehensively on technology in its endeavor for superior customer service. These initiatives are taken in order to make our bank much more customer friendly & tech savvy. It is estimated that although 37% of the population lives below the poverty lines, a large segment is mobile savvy with compatible internet facility, especially amongst the young generation. With the introduction of PoS devices and Mobile Wallets, it is expected that a large share of the money transaction in the country would be routed through the Bank.

On the above lines, Azizi Bank launched the first mobile based wallet application in the country named as “AziPay” by which customers can have all facilities of banking including mobile recharge and utility bill payments.

Azizi Bank has started Mobile banking services aiming towards financial inclusion. It is for the first time that a bank in Afghanistan is reaching out to the unbanked strata of society by sending its employees to their door steps. The mobile staff will carry devices that will support full-fledged banking services including account opening and biometric authentication of customers.

The bank has plans to start merchant acquiring business by setting up a decent network of Point of Sale (POS) devices across the country. These devices will enable the customers to make retail payments using their cards or biometrics. The Bank have launched Payment Gateway solution that will make online shopping possible for the customers using their cards or internet banking.


Contact us to create bank account or other banking services


+93 (0) 701 80 15 15 (International)
15 15 (Domestic)

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